The Southern C(ity) Guide  |  The Southern Coterie

The Southern C(ity) Guide campaign was launched in the fall of 2015 to provide The Southern Coterie demographic an inside look at how members in different Southern cities conduct business in their town while highlighting each city's own blend of Southern culture. This might include places they find inspiration, where they meet with clients, how they start their day, where they office, and even where they shop for work attire. 

The campaign integrates two social media channels–Instagram and Pinterest–as well as The Southern Coterie blog. The member takes over The Southern Coterie Instagram feed for a day, posting 4-5 photos representative of their daily life. They also contribute 10-20 pins to The Southern C Pinterest board showcasing additional favorites spots in their home city. Finally, an interview with The Southern Coterie co-founder Cheri Leavy is featured on The Southern Coterie blog and weekly newsletter.

Participants have included (clockwise from top left) Cheri Leavy of The Southern Coterie in Athens, Georgia and Saint Simons Island, Georgia; Whitney Wise Long of The Southern Coterie in Saint Simons Island, Georgia; Holly Phillips of The English Room in Charlotte, North Carolina; Kelly Shatat of Moon and Lola in Raleigh, North Carolina; Cassie Kelley of Womanista in Nashville, Tennessee; Molly Waring of the Charleston Area Visitors Bureau in Charleston, South Carolina; Libbie Summers of A Food Inspired Life in Savannah, Georgia; Beth Aschenbach + Danielle Norcross of Palm Beach Lately in Palm Beach, Florida; and Kim Shlegal Whitman of Southern Living in Dallas, Texas.

photo credit (numbered clockwise from top left): [1] ___, [3] ___, [5] Jonathan Cooper for Charlotte Magazine, [13] Christine Hall, [15] Shea Christine Photography [17] unknown